Tuesday 01 September 2015
Agroplod Resen (AGR)
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Agroplod Resen

Agroplod AD Resen, presents a particular phenomenon in Macedonian industry and more. With its results achieved in food production and the other processes of its development it ranks among the most successful companies in Macedonia as well as the ex-Yugoslavian region.
The economical growth of AGROPLOD AD RESEN can be described in two stages:
• The first stage (the period between 1967 - 1972) has been directed towards the development and endorsement of the trade process, where at the same time, more program directions had to be devised in order of development process expansion.
• The second stage (the period since the 1972) a redirection towards production and trade has occurred. That's been a revolutionary step for AGROPLOD, providing us to really take our place in the Yugoslavian market at that time.

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Contact: info@agroplod.com.mk

Contact persons:
Hristo Stojcevski
Hari Kotlarovski
Laze Tozievski

latest news

Swisslion is no longer a majority owner of Agroplod - 05.05.2010

The Appeal court has annulled the contract for the purchase of the majority stake.

The CEO of Swisslion in Macedonia, Risto Novakovski, claimed that he bought the majority stake from the Fund for Pension and Disability Insurance on a public auction, but the Court cancelled the agreement and returned the ownership to the Ministry of Economy.

We remind that four years ago Swisslion acquired 26 percent ownership of Agroplod for 1.1 million euros.

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