Sunday 30 August 2015
Lotarija na Makedonija AD Skopje (LOTO)
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Lotarija na Makedonija AD Skopje

Lottery of Macedonia AD Skopje is a company that organizes lucky games. These games include instant tickets, lottery and sport prognosis. The company also disposes with machines for lucky games and a casino. This company is a member of WLA (World Association of Lotteries) and EL (Association of European Lotteries).



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latest news

Lotarija na Makedonija AD expects revenues decline for 2010 - 25.02.2010

Lotarija na Makedonija based this prediction on the fact that some of the licenses for the games machines expire during 2010 by 23%. Revenues from sale of products by ONE are planned to increase by 30%, so the total revenue would be decreased by 8%.

In addition, Lotarija na Makedonija plans to cut costs in the operations, but also due to reduced volume of work the company plans to reduce the number of employees.

The prediction says that total expenditure in 2010 will decrease by 12.35%, so the next year would be completed by reducing the loss.

Given that the general state is the economy has not changed, Lotarija na Makedonija has no plans to engage in big investments and business undertakings.

Under the plan for the expected revenues and expenditures for 2010, the company expects the revenues to amount to 237,570,000 denars, while the expenditures to reach 240,446,027 denars. With this, the end of 2010 will be finished with loss of 2,876,027 denars.

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